3 Questions You Can Use In Your 1st Session to Make the Greatest Impact

As the founder of The Family Imprint Institute, I’ve spent 15 years providing resolutions for long-standing issues with a focus on dismantling family patterns, restoring relationships and cultivating resilient boundaries. 

I’d like to share with you a radically more effective approach that can transform the work you do with clients.

In the video below, I’ve got my top 3 Questions You Can Use In Your 1st Session to Make the Greatest Impact. 

The 1st question opens the door to highlight that we are only as needy in relationships as our earliest unmet need in our childhood.

It’s amazing what begins to shift for your clients when they begin to make the connection between attraction in adulthood as the activation of our earliest attachment patterns.

Simply talking about IT won’t solve it.


Especially when your clients come to you at that tipping point – where something NEEDS to change. Many clients who arrive with relationship challenges, accomplish positive results without their partner’s participation.  

Our clients rarely come to us for more insight or information. When life has reached a crisis, they are in need of an experiential approach that includes all that has been held in the body, acting like a blueprint, informing the way we respond to our relationships.

With the challenges facing our clients today, new tools are required. 

The future of therapy begins now because our clients are in crisis:
1 in 2 marriages end in divorce
3 out of 5 North Americans are lonely
Sadly rates of depression and anxiety have skyrocketed
We are living in times with a loneliness epidemic and mental health crisis

The present problem isn’t really the problem but instead signals us towards what lives in the family tree. If you’ve just been working with your client’s present struggles, you are only working with part of the story.