Guided Visualization to Enhance Fertility  

Has Your Path To Pregnancy Been Depleting
Your Relationship, Your Pocketbook &
Your Emotional Reserves?

Women's HealthHas getting pregnant been more difficult than you expected?

It seems everyone else around you is getting pregnant – discover what’s been getting in your way.

Fertility Diminished By Stress

When we consider reducing our stress, we often begin by looking at the day-to-day schedule but what I’ve found to be most essential is uncovering the true source of what is impacting fertility.  The majority of the stress often lives in the background of our daily experience – from our bigger issues, both past and present.

Guided Visualization to Enhance Fertility  


What You Need to Know That Can Double Your Ability to Get Pregnant – Naturally or with IVF 

Studies conducted at Harvard Medical School show that mind/body treatment programs have been shown to both increase pregnancy rates as well as reducing psychological distress.

The study followed 185 women who had been trying to conceive for 1-2yrs.  Those who participated in the mind-body program had a pregnancy rate of 55% compared to 20% for those who had not participated. It was also noted that the woman in the mind/body program reported significantly greater psychological improvements.

In addition, there have been 4 other published studies on several hundred women unable to conceive 3.5 yrs, 42 % conceived within 6 months with the support of the mind-body program also reporting significant decreases in depression, anxiety, and anger.

Client Experiences

“I worked with Johanna early on in my fertility journey.  She stressed the importance of the mind body connection in our work together.  While I fundamentally agreed with her I was committed to my core belief that I would have a child with a partner… though I still wasn’t getting pregnant.  She kept telling me that a child would come whether it be through birth, donor eggs, adoption etc.  Two weeks later I was pregnant with my sperm donor baby at the age of 44!  I have a beautiful baby girl and life feels incredible.  Johanna was right on the money from the very start – I had to change my mindset and when I did my life changed instantly for the better!”

~ Cassandra

“I went into my first session not knowing what to expect, but finished my last session with the peace and resolve that I had been searching for. From the very beginning, Johanna took the time to listen to my story, my concerns, and my goals. Each session was designed around what I was looking to accomplish, and I left feeling its positive effects for several days afterwards. I am now able to appreciate the positive side of my fertility journey, and look towards the future with confidence and hope. This is something I never thought I would be able to say, but Johanna has made it possible. Thank you”

~ Amanda