Creating change in your life doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle.

When I shared with my loved yoga teacher that I was pregnant, she smiled her radiant smile and let me know that my true yoga practice now begins … off the mat. The Yoga of Life … how to be in the flow amidst the chaos of family life.

To change any aspects of your life the recipe is combining unconditional love with intention. I was listening to David Deida the other day (listen to the audio here). He talked about the difference between the masculine and the feminine:

The masculine is all about presence. It’s what drives things forward. The feminine is all about light and love. We each have both, and we each experience both.

I recently set a goal to live in harmony with my sugar addiction and to improve my relationship with food and my body.
To live with my love of chocolate without giving in to every desire to indulge.

If we apply these ideas to food, we’ll find this:

1. Your feminine is all about flowing, feeling love, being love. This is how you want to live in your body – to feel love and esteem your physical self. To love your body unconditionally.

2. The masculine is all about direction, breaking through to freedom, because it is freedom – the now. Use your masculine to ask yourself, “How do I want to live in my body? How do I want to experience it?” and then use that desire to guide your daily decisions.

David gives the example of being a dancer. If you want to be a dancer, there are things you must do everyday to be a great dancer.

If you want to be healthier, have more energy, drop a size – whatever your desire is for your body – use that intention to guide your decisions. That is your masculine. And to make that pathway joyful and nourishing – from the heart, not the ego – do it with love. Be love – your feminine – while you are doing it.

It isn’t “wrong” or “bad” or unspiritual to want to be thinner, healthier, or more beautiful. It isn’t wrong or bad or unspiritual not to want those things, either. But if you want to have a killer body, go for it. But go for it knowing that you have to follow through on those decisions in order to get the results that you want – your masculine. And go for it knowing that it won’t make you any more lovable or worthy – your feminine.

Do it for joy.
Today, how can you show yourself more love?
In this moment, how can you accept yourself, just the way you are?
Right now, how can you live from love?