Divorce Without Destruction

Whether you are considering or are in the process of separation, you probably know that it
impacts every aspect of your life.

Divorce is an incredibly difficult and highly emotional time. Many women feel overwhelmed, anxious, and alone when they are making some of the most important legal and financial decisions of their lives. Before hiring an expensive divorce lawyer, understand what the conflict really connects to and resolve that. Our work together will support you and your children through this time of separation.

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Choose from a single private session or save with a package of 5.

I don’t use a formulaic approach with my clients; each session is personalized to give you what you need most to move through this transition.

Single Session - 2 hrs

Package of 5 Sessions

As someone who is going through a complicated and intense separation, I cannot imagine how I could do it without the wise and gentle support of Johanna. She has played an invaluable role in understanding both my own reactions and those of my partner, and in keeping me grounded as to what is important. She has given me the clarity and strength to navigate a difficult process and a fraught emotional landscape.

She has also worked with both my partner and me together, which has been incredibly useful in breaking through the drama and moving us both towards clear agreements that honour the relationship we had, and most importantly the children that we have.

I am so grateful to Joanna for being there for both of us, and building up the skills and understanding that we need to move forward successfully. She brings her years of experience, her incredible knowledge base and her deep and wonderful compassion to every session.


Separation Recovery Group

We will meet together online once a week for 90 minutes over 6 weeks.

Each session is designed in 3 parts – teaching, experiential, and getting personal with any questions that arise so you come away from this experience getting exactly what you need to support yourself in moving forward.

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Before, During & After Separation: this is where you come when your family changes.

Supporting you to co-parent from an empowered place

  • Getting on the same team with your co-parent
  • Dealing with a difficult co-parent
  • Taking care of children during divorce
  • Support for handling those painful conversations with your children

I couldn’t seem to get my co-parent to look at our challenges. He refused therapy in our marriage and remains closed to the idea throughout the struggles of our separation. The biggest shift in my life after working with Johanna ended up being the change in my relationship with my ex-husband. 

Just after a few sessions with Johanna, I’ve noticed we are on much better terms – we laugh, joke, have real conversations, and are more relaxed with each other. This is *dramatically, dramatically, dramatically* different than before. I’m in shock… a pleasant shock, but still a shock. It feels unnerving… this person who I thought hated me is now being friendly with me. And I wonder, did he change? Did I change? By improving my own boundaries, and the understanding of both or our family imprints, it significantly improved my relationship with my ex-husband, that has countless benefits for our children.


Rebuilding Your Life After Separation

When you are ready to understand why you need what you do in you loving connections and ready to welcome in healthy love this approach will support you greatly. By taking time to understand what went wrong with your partnership to be sure those painful patterns don’t repeat.

I had just ended a 10-year relationship when I went to see Johanna. I credit her compassionate, gentle approach to the true healing and integration that I required to move forward. She was able to help me turn down the intensity of those painfully raw emotions that follow a breakup. Along with a deep understanding of what the dysfunction in the relationship was connected to. Our session together created a deep sense of healing and understanding and really and truly worked wonders for me in releasing much of the pain, resentment and hurt that had built up over years. Johanna is amazingly gifted at her work.


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About Johanna





Johanna has been connected to the world of separation and divorce for 15 years, originally due to her personal situation, then as a systemic therapist focusing on restoring relationships.