Have you ever read “You Can Heal Your Life?” Since 1984 Louise L. Hay has sold over 35 million copies around the world and she owns what is now the biggest publishing company in the self-help movement. It has since been made into a movie, a documentary style, where this concept of emotional suppression and its link to dis-ease is explored. Louise’s principles were simple, yet groundbreaking: We create every so-called “illness” in our body.

I often refer to another book, with a similar principle, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, that relates suppressed feelings and their direct link to dis-ease. Looking at on all levels of consciousness – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical – and many scientific research studies have proven stress, including stress from emotional suppression, can correlate to causing disease.

Feelings that are kept locked away in our body can harden our hearts, break our spirits and keep us stuck in patterns of imbalance and unease. So what do we do when a strong feeling arises?

It takes an inner trust to explore what we feel inside. So many of us have learned that feeling our feelings is dangerous or wrong and we are taught to suppress them. I invite you to consider that what we call feelings are not something bad or something to fear but are sensations giving you a clear message from the body that they are ready to be released. Giving yourself the space to let go and dive into the intelligence your body carries for you to increase your health and vitality.

I’m sure experience has shown you when we have a healthy release of our emotions, we feel lighter, happier, healthier and freer. Wouldn’t you like more of this in your life?

Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is that you feel. Take a moment to tap into your inner experience and ask yourself, “What is it that I am feeling right now?” After identifying the feeling, ask yourself, “What color is the feeling? Where is it located in my body?” Rather than attach the feeling to a thought form, watch it move and dissipate with ease.

As you move away from the tight grip of the intellect, allow your body to lead, it will speak to you in the language of sensation. This is simply energy and information in flow. BREATHE … as each sensation moves through your body. If tears come, this is wonderful. Tears are nothing more than water in flow. As I share with my clients, emotions are always better out of the body, free to flow, than kept tightly wound inside.

Give yourself the space to explore the messages your body is sending you. A Family Constellation Workshop is a format to allow you to experience the gems within to cultivate greater peace of mind and clarity about how you are choosing to live your life.