She woke up feeling hazy with a lingering flash of hope that it had all been a dream …  when all the ugly details came flooding in – the hurtful things he had said, what that triggered in her and her infuriated responses to it all.  Its as if they each stepped into their “roles”.  He become sullen, withdrawing into himself.  She got busy with tasks like finishing up what was left undone in the kitchen or folding the never ending pile of laundry.  Nothing really getting resolved, as another day begins tomorrow.

She had grown tired of the same ‘conversation’ while noticing just a few days later all the issues had just slid back into place.  The next morning she sat with this sinking feeling that what her kids overheard or continually observed must be having its effects. Cringing at the thought that they could ever feel like she does, in her most honest moments with herself about this relationship.

In that moment, she got real with herself about just how tiring it all is, how it ends up feeling like a juggling act to keep all the balls in the air for your entire family while the ball that seems to consistently be dropped is the one with her name on it.  

You may be all too familiar with the stress that unresolved family relationships take on a person. The kind of stress that often runs in the background that many of us try to cover up with a glass of wine, chocolate indulgence or mindlessly scrolling through your favourite social media channel.  Trouble is the more we look away, the more quickly that snowball effect grows and grows.

What I’ve noticed time and time again is that to solve our greatest health challenges – we have to look beyond the symptoms. To enhance our most important relationships – we need to look at the template of how were loved as a child, that lives in our body.

I’ve been working with how our body holds onto the story of what happen to us and what lingers in the family for 20 years.   As life does, maybe you too can relate to life’s unexpected twists and turns as often what is most painful in life can be the strongest catalyst for transformation.  

Everyone in the family has their part to contribute in the ongoing dynamics at play. The best news of all is that it only takes one person to make the change that can positively affect the entire family.

This work supports the release of a lot of the deep material within that we can usually ignore in the busyness of our everyday.  There are times when as we release what lives inside of us, it opens up new insights, along with new solutions that come to light so that something outside of your patterned way can open up.

In under 12 minutes listen to this audio to strengthen the connection with yourself while you cultivate resilient boundaries.
This free meditation is for you if you find yourself regularly in:

    • Fear of disappointing someone you care about, so you tune into their needs before checking in with your inner yes or no
    • Conforming to fit into the situation, instead of saying what feels true for you to share
    • Not saying anything about the dishes and just cleaning them up to avoid being a nag….yet the resentment builds
    • Keeping quiet when you feel strongly about something and letting someone else’s voice speak over ours, even if you disagree