Resolve deep rooted challenges in yourself and for your clients

The Family Imprint Institute Training

Join this transformational program that combines

Inherited Family Trauma
Neuroscience &
Attachment Sciences

from the comfort of your own home.

The Family Imprint Training

Restoring Relationships & Cultivating Boundaries – Begins January 12th

Nurturing Resilience with Mind / Body Integration – Begins March 30th.

If you’ve just been working with your client’s present struggles, you are only working with part of the story.

Discover one of the most overlooked dynamics in coaching or therapy that will transform your life and the work you do with clients.

From the first session, learn to reveal the root causes connected to many of the emotions, behaviors and reactive patterns your clients are seeking solutions for.

How It works

Online classroom, always accessible.

Each class is recorded so you can strengthen with practice and build your confidence as you add this approach to your style of working with clients.

Live zoom sessions for teaching & interactive experiences

The course is LIVE- not a self-study and the amount of support I offer is substantial.

Immerse yourself in an online community of co-learners.

Private community to share questions, insights and learnings.

The Family Imprint Institute supports clinicians with the knowledge that we are more than our own individual experiences and includes what the body remembers, our earliest experiences that while we don’t consciously remember them, have a profound influence on how our lives unfold.

Do you have to be a therapist to enroll?

No. This course is open to everyone. Anyone who wants to understand family dynamics is welcome to join us.

“I completed the training with Johanna because as an energy healer I was looking for a new way to help me get to the root cause of dis-ease for the people that I work with. What Johanna taught me gave me a new lense and a new language that has doubled the effectiveness of my work. The course was rich with information and practical elements, but perhaps the most valuable component was something that can only be taught by way of the example of a very skilled facilitator, and that is Johanna’s way of using the work. She is an incredible guide for anyone looking to learn how to hold space and guide clients to the precise point where the most healing can occur with this work.

This training also gifted me many profound insights in to how areas of my own way of being have been inhibiting my growth and expansion. 15 years along on my own intense healing journey and I thought I had myself pretty sorted out! But I soon began to see my numerous blind spots, and through the many opportunities to do the work along the way my relationships with myself, my loved ones and my work have improved dramatically.”

~ Sarah Knight, PhD, RM, EuBP, Kingston Integrated Healthcare Inc.

“Studying with Johanna has benefited me personally and professionally. As I’ve incorporated the healing in my own personal life, I come from a different place as a coach with my clients.

It’s been exciting to add this approach to my coaching work. My clients make desired changes in their lives much more easily and quickly. They now bring more awareness and choice to patterned behaviours, instead of (unconsciously) being stuck on repeat.

Johanna’s passion for this work is evident, and she shares it with her students. She is generous with her time and responsive to questions. Johanna models non-judgement, open-heartedness, and clear boundaries; content aside, this alone was a fantastic source of learning!

I’m grateful to Johanna for introducing me to this powerful work so that I can now offer it to my clients.

~ Anne Marie Nantais, Certified Life Coach and Speaker

Solve your client’s most pressing problems – even when they can’t identify why they are stuck.

“After taking the Family Imprint training, I found I didn’t even require the client’s story. Within the first session, it was clear how the client’s past was at the heart of their current challenges. I used to spend sessions devoted to the client’s story and found it ended up leading us into places where the client remains stuck in their story, harmful habits and relationship pain. I can accomplish more with my clients in less time.”   ~ Lauren


You’ve been in the “working on it” phase for a while now – but somehow, you find yourself facing the same challenges over and over again. You stock up on books, devour articles and listen to podcasts. You’ve invested in coaches, healers, or therapists. And yet the most irritating and truly painful issues in your life are still hanging on.

Understand family dynamics with greater clarity, bringing more harmony into family interactions.


When you do fast, deep and lasting work with your clients, these are the people who now become a steady stream of referrals. They have experienced the results and now they are raving about your work, bringing you fascinating, new, interesting clients that you absolutely love to work with.

Receive consistent referrals and create profound impact with the lives you touch

What Is Included:

3 Modules
Learn and experience from the comfort of your home. Gathering once a week for 10 weeks for 2 hrs each class. We will use Zoom as our online platform to connect.

to take this work into your life and new approaches for your practice along with suggested reading to further your learning and personal development within this body of work

Engage in experiential processes, powerful neuro science practices and access what I’ve found to be the most powerful method to generate change in the most essential areas of your life.

Advanced Mentoring
(Monthly Group after completing training)
Get your questions answered about your most challenging cases or personal challenges to deepen your understanding from all that you’ve learned in the training.

Advanced Mentoring

Our relationship doesn’t necessarily end after you complete the training.

You can do on-going supervision sessions with me so you are well supported, have a safe place to practice, can process and integrate your own emotional growth and seek feedback on client consultations.

Advance mentoring sessions support you to balance family life while growing your business and building your skills as a therapeutic practitioner. Prioritizing self-care and avoiding burn-out so that you can thrive in your business.

“Johanna’s training was life-changing. It is hard to describe the changes that were made over the duration of the course , but I will try in hopes that you know what is possible.

I have had difficult relationships my whole life. Through the exercises, homework, and suggested reading I gained awareness and have started the process of healing all of these relationships.

I have spent thousands of dollars in therapy, but Johanna’s course changed my life more than those therapy sessions ever did! I am so grateful for her courses and her knowledge (and willingness to share). Thanks, Johanna!”

~ Sarah Moe, Co-founder & Chief Happiness Officer at Flauk

“An adventure. A journey. An awakening. The Family Imprint Institute Training Program, what an amazing experience. This method is absolutely an eye-opener! As a teacher myself, I truly believe in these teachings and especially, in Johanna’s approach. Her knowledge is astounding. Her passion, kindness, mindfulness and compassion are true qualities of an exceptional teacher. Her ability as a good communicator and listener makes her an attentive facilitator. With ease and gentleness, she encourages and guides her students to embrace this new journey of discovery. With great consideration and appreciation, Johanna is able to share her knowledge in a concise and precise way. I can honestly say that this training has definitely transformed my beliefs system, my perspective on life’s various challenges and my relationships with others and myself. To identify the meaning and understand the reason behind specific patterns and behaviours is key to resolve any issues unsolved in the family of origin.”

~ Julie Beauchamp-Conde, B.É.P.S., B.Éd.

The Investment

Each module is $1497- Prices are in Canadian funds. Payment plans available upon request.

If you cannot attend a session in person, all trainings are recorded for your convenience.

Upon completion, students will receive a certificate of completion and be able to begin to apply systemic principles in their own practices with groups, couples or individuals.