As we travel the road of life, it seems we can all get lost in similar detours or get tripped up by those same speed bumps. Considering the impact that 95% of our thoughts, behaviours, choices, emotions essentially run on cruise control, it may be time to become curious about who is in the drivers seat of your life.

Many of us get activated with what we react to in life, I describe it as the 1 neural highway that sinks you that becomes the well worn patterns in your neural networks. Literally changing the territory of the map of your brain. For some of us every time we feel rejection we can move automatically into emotional shutdown. Or perhaps you have lived with an anxious pulse in the body for years, anxiety streams into the body and the body becomes conditioned to anxiety.

As life gives us reason to feel triggered we unconsciously respond in reaction mode.
This gives us the same results in life – day after day, month after month, year after year.
As we become aware of the various ways we shut down in the body, we can catch ourselves before we move right into auto pilot.

Family ConstellationsMany of us become addicted to the story we tell ourselves about our lives and those important people we share it with … parents, partners, children, friends, relatives, etc.
The way we hold our story has a lot of potency with how we interact with that special someone.
The story we hold can override how he or she truly is. Shutting our eyes to who they are presently.
We are responsible for the stories we hold about ourselves or those we share important relationships with. We are also the only one who could be responsible for cultivating our loving feelings and positive emotions regarding both self and other.

Some of us seek to travel along a new road, we explore healing modalities, seek out books or therapists, attend workshops or retreats. There are times when a new perspective or fresh way of looking at our world competes with the attachment to the old story. Addicted to some of those negative memories for the belief that they keeps us safe. Replaying the memories to keep up defences so as not to be vulnerable, so as not to be hurt in the same way ever again. The challenge with that is we cannot live in protection mode and experience life to its fullest at the same time.
Often its our story of what happened – not the actual event – that keeps us most stuck and all too often the consequence is losing our aliveness, our zest for life.

Family Constellations support you in recognizing what emotions have been running your decisions, tucked behind your inner most thoughts and emotions. An approach that has been utilized for decades is available to you to take a new direction for your path in life.