Check out the array of supplements for weight loss, equipment for abs, butt, thigh slimmers, weight management promises from lotions, potions & powders. The truth is out that 99% of diets don’t work and yet the crazy-making continues with book after book, articles in virtually every women’s magazine with body-craze focus.

The statistics are shocking … over 90% of women want to change something about their body.

About 43 million women in the US alone are dieting at any one time. The average dieter spends six months a year restricting their food, and the other six months regaining the weight.

80% of teenage girls have been on at least one diet – most were not overweight to begin with.

Girls as young as five years old are being admitted to hospital suffering from eating disorders.

8 million people in the US alone suffer from a diagnosable eating disorder, though not all are diagnosed. About 9000 people are hospitalised annually with anorexia, and 1000 of them will die. Only 44% will recover, the rest will live with the disease for the remainder of their lives. Most say the disease started with a diet.

Liposuction is one of the most common of any types of surgery!

We are eating about 125 pounds of sugar each, per year, most of it already in foods we buy.

Each one of us can do in the face of all those scary numbers are:
* decide to discover who I truly am
* decide to honour and nurture my body, no matter what anyone else thinks of it
* find support to stay committed to my own health and wellbeing
* choose to LOVE YOUR BODY & create change from this place, moment to moment

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