Are you beginning to feel the squeeze of the sandwich generation?

We may be helping our kids find their feet to venture out into the world while just beginning to be tugged in the other direction with our parents needing our help too.

We are still bringing up our own kids while taking on the care of our parents.

In this interview we discuss how to have challenging conversations with our parents.

In some situations, it’s hard to know how to ask sensitive questions to our parents while not insulting them or making them feel like they are a child and you are now their parent.


What you will learn in this episode:

    • How to ask challenging questions to keep your relationship with your parent in balance
    • To remind yourself to put yourself in their shoes
    • How to introduce a third party to help navigate tough situations/discussions
    • How unresolved emotions can help contribute to diseases later in life
    • How to set boundaries so we have enough energy to help our parents
    • How we allow our emotions and feelings from past hurts dictate how we help our parents now

Listen below:

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This free meditation is for you, if you find yourself regularly in:

Fear of disappointing someone you care about, so you tune into their needs before checking in with your inner yes or no

Conforming to fit into the situation, instead of saying what feels true for you to share

Not saying anything about the dishes and just cleaning them up to avoid being a nag….yet the resentment builds

Keeping quiet when you feel strongly about something and letting someone else’s voice speak over ours, even if you disagree