It’s well-known that we inherit our physical traits from our family, but it’s newer research that we also inherit our emotional patterns as well. 

These emotional patterns many times can be considered intergenerational trauma.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON needs to know about their intergenerational trauma as it can keep us from living fruitful and fulfilling lives.

In this interview I teach what intergenerational trauma is, how to find yours and how to overcome it.

In under 12 minutes listen to this audio to strengthen the connection with yourself while you cultivate resilient boundaries.
This free meditation is for you, if you find yourself regularly in

  • Fear of disappointing someone you care about, so you tune into their needs before checking in with your inner yes or no

  • Conforming to fit into the situation, instead of saying what feels true for you to share

  • Not saying anything about the dishes and just cleaning them up to avoid being a nag….yet the resentment builds

  • Keeping quiet when you feel strongly about something and letting someone else’s voice speak over ours, even if you disagree