Living With More Lightness as a Practice Free Mini Retreat

Woman sitting on couch with coffee and laptopIn my work with clients lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of things like:

“I feel run down”

“I keep getting irritable for little reasons”
“My everyday anxiety keeps getting louder”

“I feel drained, no matter how much rest I get”

What many people are really saying – in their own unique way – is that they’re cut off from themselves and not at their best right now. After two years of fear, stress and restrictions, it’s no wonder.

Take some time for you to replenish. In our 75 minutes together we will focus on:

  • Feel the power of pressing pause so that you can make clearer choices that are right for you
  • Practicing techniques to release residual stress and promote self regulation
  • Access the wisdom and guidance you have within yourself
  • Find that rooted belonging within yourself even if many of your close relationships feel strained right now

Join us to learn how to diffuse the stress that builds up over time to change everything for the better in your day-to-day life.

You need an experience that includes your body.
Not only informational to feed your mind. This is the secret for getting real change to stick. 



What:  Living With More Lightness as a Practice Free Mini Retreat
Date: Tues, Feb 22nd
Time:  75 minutes of time dedicated to YOU

9:00 am PST – Vancouver/Los Angeles
12:00 pm EST – Toronto/New York
(Find your time zone here)

WhereRSVP for our private, virtual sanctuary.
Recording: Available for 48-hours following the live event—RSVP for access.