Have you ever had difficulty trying to explain why you feel a certain way, have unexplained sadness, or depression?
Do you have self destructive behavior or continually see the same results in failed relationships? Are you dealing with chronic illness?

Some of this could be indicators for inherited family trauma. And this is the focus of my podcast with Johanna. Our genes and our family history play such a vital role in how we view or see things, whether we intend to be a certain way or not. We have an imprint in our genetic code and its up to us individually to understand it and change it if we wish to change from generation to generation. The science behind it is fascinating and Johanna’s voice will have you wanting to sit in her chair divulging your family history and your own life experiences.

It was such a pleasure to be a guest on Living Your Life podcast with Lianne Laing. Listen Here

Lianne has left behind a 20 year career as a television host, under time constraints and commercial breaks, Lianne is taking her passion of health and wellness to a different platform.

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