Most mothers feel tired after the strenuous energy of a birth, however, sometimes it’s more than just recovering from a birth, and sometimes things happened that the mom is just not recovering well.


To feel safe, as she allows herself to explore her feelings and her thoughts. These two are highly connected and during birth, she is highly suggestible. Therefore, the statements, the looks, the beliefs that she experiences through her birth can often leave her feeling lost, a failure and fearful for both herself and her infant.


No Joy, no happiness with her infant – the “good enough mother” but not the joy and love in being a mother
A “blunted” mother, sad, motionless, fatigued, distant from her baby and her family and even herself.
Angry, Unnecessary fears, negative thinking
Not sleeping, emotional, and unable to cope with baby’s needs
Or fear of leaving baby unattended even for a moment
Severe dreams interrupting sleep
Not eating, finding everything extremely negative
Not showering or maintaining self care
Disinterest in the baby, good enough, but not loving or interested in the infant.
Disinterest in the family life
Lack of attention when speaking to her, anxiety, not available for intimate relationships
Sleeping through babies cries
Not wanting to leave the house
Shortness of temper or completely lack of emotional response
These can be signs of post partum depression and are easily attended to without the involvement of drug therapies, which can be harmful to baby.

Not unlike, PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, with similarities, operating at a “machine pace” the residual disappointment of childbirth, traumatic interventions & fear simply overwhelms the mother’s nervous system.

Essentially 3-4 sessions can support with rebalancing the new mother’s brain chemistry so that her natural internal system simply “re-boots”. When we have long periods of interrupted or shorten sleeping, the brain does not release the levels of serotonin and endorphins needed which we generally get during a regular 8-10 hour nights sleep.

When that is interfered with over longer periods of time, this interruption can create distortions in the body and the brain.

These sessions allow the mother to achieve the deep state needed to “re-start” the brain chemistry and after 3-4 sessions over a few days time, her own internal system will come back to its full state.