The Resilient Practitioner : Mentorship Circle for Therapeutic Professionals


Dedicate time in an inclusive environment without the pressures of producing for your clients while sharing time with like-minded professionals.

Our time together will focus on:
: Bring me your cases
Exercises: Ideas for private sessions and for workshops
Learn: How to facilitate this work online and in your office
Case Studies: What works and how to apply that with your clients
Enhance: Your confidence and boundaries to grow your business

Are there times that you:
* Feel alone in your work at times?
* Come up against issues that are particularly challenging for you?

Once a month for a dedicated 2 hours, we will invest time together in:  learning how to include inner imagery, healing sentences, guided visualizations, body-centered exercises and effective practices to enhance your client’s results.

Group sizes are kept intentionally small so that there are times for individual questions along with the ability to learn from each other within the group dynamic.