Module 1: Solve Your Clients Most Pressing Problems


Jan 21st – Feb 25th, 2021
Class times:
Thursdays Noon – 2pm EST

  • Each client brings a lifetime of experiences ~ What you need to work with first
  • The language of our fearĀ and how it shapes our life
  • Discover how to take the words your clients use to describe their problem as a guide towards the big-picture solution
  • Use your challenges as clues for the resolution

  • How your earliest experiences shape your life

  • Explore 4 ways that your life force is diminished

  • Uncover one of the most overlooked dynamics in coaching or therapy approaches that will deeply support your well being. When you create this foundation, the resolution is self-sustaining.

Learn and experience from the convenience of your home or office {using Zoom as our online platform to connect}

Class times are Wednesdays 10:30 – 12:30 EST