Module 3: Boundaries


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Class times: Thursdays Noon – 2pm EST

Boundaries are the framework for your life, relationships and your thriving practice.  You want them to be healthy, clear and kind.  

Boundaries Protect What Matters Most is essential learning for all holistic professionals and a powerful resource for those who would like to live within healthier relationships.

6 weeks to an entirely new and effective way of approaching and expressing your boundaries.

Boundaries are interconnected with all aspects of our life and have their roots planted in our past experiences. Traditional boundary advice – just say no or cut out difficult people from your life – doesn’t offer a way of navigating healthy boundaries that considers all of who you are or what your life experiences have been.

Healthy boundaries aren’t about keeping certain people or situations OUT it’s much more about keeping yourself IN when those challenging people say what they say or do what they do.

Boundaries are so much more than just saying no or choosing not to shrink yourself away to avoid a challenging situation.

Have you ever found yourself loving another person, taking care of them, putting their needs first or had the question of why many of your relationships feel out of balance and end up depleting you? What we tolerate … continues and our relationships and health can be negatively impacted.

Within this 6 week module:

  • Identify where you lose yourself with those important people in your life and how to remain rooted within yourself
  • Repair boundaries that haven been neglected within yourself
  • Learn specific tools for ‘how’ to cultivate and care for your boundaries – professionally and personally
  • Let go of people pleasing and learn how to maintain your boundaries
  • Strengthen the self {neuroscience practices}
  • Discern when the body tells us we’ve gone over our own boundary and what to do to compassionately attune to our needs
  • The best boundaries are negotiated from the inside out.  Build resilience from the inside and deepen the relationship you have with yourself
  • How the experiences in your family affect your boundary style

Learn and experience from the convenience of your home or office {using Zoom as our online platform to connect}

Class times:
Thursdays Noon – 2pm EST