Module 5: Your Money Imprint


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Thursdays 12:00 – 2:00 EST

Regardless of how well you’ve learned to budget or, source out the best deals,  or how many of the latest money management books you’ve read, until you work with the inner stuff, – the outer “solutions” often fall short.

  • What is really behind ‘having enough’

  • The balance of give and take – with money and in life

  • The Money DNA you’ve inherited from your family

  • Create a healthy relationship with your money

  • How we unconsciously limit ourselves

  • Our repetitive patterns – including those thoughts that seem to loop as if on repeat

  • explore your earliest experiences and how they shape your success and your inner relationship with money

Learn and experience from the convenience of your home or office {using Zoom as our online platform to connect}

When it comes to your relationship with money, the most valuable step you can take right now is to address what’s really holding you back, – so you’ll never find yourself in these repetitive patterns again.

You may be surprised to discover that in order to thrive financially, you must first address what you’re carrying from your family of origin.  Over the years, all of your successes,  failures, unspoken dreams and, whether someone benefited at the expense of another – all of it influences how you interact with your finances today.