The DNA of Money


Decoding Your Money Blueprint

You may be surprised to discover that in order to thrive financially, you must first address what you’re carrying from your family of origin.

As an expert in the field of epigenetics, I offer a unique perspective related to how family history shapes your relationship with your finances. 

The truth about our relationship with money can be tangled up with guilt, shame, jealousy intertwined with our family history and this impacts your decisions with money today in more ways than you know.

Regardless of how well you’ve learned to budget or, source out the best deals,  or how many of the latest money management books you’ve read, until you work with the inner stuff, – the outer “solutions” often fall short.



Over Spending ? Under Earning? Not Saving ? Understand Your Money Imprint: explore what have you inherited from your family

Have you ever considered that your ability to earn, save, spend and invest your money is informed by what’s shared with you in your very DNA?

  • Explore the Money DNA you’ve inherited from your family

  • How we unconsciously limit ourselves

  • What is really behind ‘having enough’
  • Explore your earliest experiences and how they shape your success and your inner relationship with money
  • Exercises to create a healthy relationship with your money

Learn and experience from the convenience of your home or office {using Zoom as our online platform to connect}

When it comes to your relationship with money, the most valuable step you can take right now is to address what’s really holding you back, – so you’ll never find yourself in these repetitive patterns again.

Before live classes begin, you will receive a library of videos to explore the systemic roots of your relationship with money.

We will share 2 live, deep-dive workshops spaced 3 weeks apart to integrate the insights and implement profound shifts with your inner relationship with money.

“I don’t use this statement lightly: Johanna’s course changed my life. We talked about SO MUCH MORE than money… I saw ways I was holding myself back that I had been blind to for decades. It changed my career path, it injected me with confidence and belief in myself that I’ve never had before, it made me a believer in the work that she does. I’ve done a lot of courses, a lot of workshops, a lot of retreats… I cannot recommend hers more highly.”





“Thank you, thank you for helping me understand this money block and where it was coming from. I never realized how much my mental and emotional energy that I was tangled up in this and was seriously affecting my life, my career and my emotions. 

I just thought being stressed out about money and my ups and downs were normal. I didn’t realize that I was overloaded from a lifetime of taking care of others’ needs and thinking I was always responsible for fixing it so had little left to go after what I wanted. Understanding has helped me feel more in control of where my life is going.

 I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed learning from you and how life-altering your guidance and this work has been.”