Nurturing Resilience with Mind / Body Integration – Begins Tues, June 6th


This approach has been customized for therapists, coaches, energy workers, holistic practitioners and others who are looking for a way to help others explore the stuck points in life.

Unexplained depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety and a wide variety of illness —the latest epigenetic research tells us that we can inherit the biological residue from traumatic events in our family history.

In Nurturing Resilience with Mind / Body Integration module, we’ll explore how memory is stored in the body, while integrating systemic approaches to provide resolutions that stick. Showing clients that they can transform the way they organize their experiences allowing them an ability to move forward in life with greater ease.

My intention is to share with you powerful hypnotic tools that are uniquely effective in allowing systemic work to happen ‘inside’ the client’s perception, with no need for representatives, footprints or even a therapy room.

In this module we focus on:

  • Working with inner images from our family of origin that include the body
  • Using trance and learn how it relates to the systemic perception and how to heal family dynamics - internally
  • Be able to identify the story the body is telling and what you need to know in order to release it
  • Gain a toolbox full of valuable skills to guide you, even in the most challenging cases
  • Offer systemic work focused on guided visualization, sensation based guidance and other hypnotic principles for personal and professional use
  • Offering deep and lasting resolutions from intense emotions and body sensations like anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue … and much more

This way of working with your clients is equally effective whether in person or online.

When the Body is Included … Everything Changes

The influence of Integrative Body Psychotherapy and other body-based somatic approaches have been a supportive tool in my practice and teaching style. I’d like to share with you how to use breath, sensation awareness while creating inner imagery supports transformation – that sticks.

As you track how your client’s body is receiving the information, you keep pace with the ideal next step for them as your session unfolds.

You can weave your background of coaching, energy work or other holistic modalities into this systemic approach for a multi-disciplined resolution. 

As Candance Pert shared in The Molecules of Emotion: “The body is the subconscious mind, our earliest memories live in the body”  Our bodies adapt to our environment, especially as babies and continues to build from the earliest life experiences. 

Begins on Tues, June 13th 2023 for 10 weeks on Tuesdays 11am - 1:00 {EST}

'Although my primary training in Energy Healing was profound, and I've been in practice for 20 years, my deep desire to truly help my clients get results and find relief literally propelled me into training with Johanna. With what I've learned, now I can get straight to the root of my client's suffering, astonish them with the power, sacredness and beauty of stepping into their own family system, and help them heal not only their personal pain, but heal families, and relieve more of the world-wide burden of trauma. It's true, my practice is busier than ever. I feel refreshed and excited in my practice.

There are many people offering training in Family Constellations. I'm glad I started with Johanna. She has a solid lineage of her own teachers behind her, and is truly dedicated to excellence. Her commitment to her own education, and 10+ years of practice really shows. She has equal amounts of experience offering the work in groups and one-to-one, both live and online, which has been invaluable. 
I want to say that Johanna's promise about adding Family Imprint training to my practice has absolutely come true.(Receive consistent referrals and create profound impact with the lives you touch.)'

~ Shelley Harrison, True Nature Healing