Package of 3 Sessions




I look forward to our time together in your upcoming session.

Each session is 90 min in length.

Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Since I usually have a waiting list for clients hoping for an earlier appointment – any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in the cost of a full session.

“With my scientific background I was very skeptical with my first session as a professional treatment method for the challenges I was facing. However, Johanna proved that it is effective from our very first session together. Her meticulous attention and efforts to gather every small piece of information I provided before the session, and then using the essential information during the session in a professional, insightful manner produced results that I felt from the first and every subsequent session. Whether you are skeptical or not – the important thing is the results! From my experience, I can speak to the positive results Johanna’s work provides.”

~Ihsan Aldeen PhD

“When a neurologist recommended that I take life-long medication as a possible cure to solve a sleep disorder (Sleepwalking) that I’ve always had, I decided to book a session with Johanna. After just two relaxing sessions, I no longer sleepwalk. From sleepwalking every night to sound, restful sleep, I consider that a big improvement in my life!”

~ Annie

“Things are shifting and flowing with greater ease in our family.  The Mother-Daughter issues I had worked on with you have improved with both my daughter and also with my mother.  Almost immediately, I began to see real a softening and shift in a particular relationship that had been so painful to me.  My mother broke her hip a month ago, and I was amazed at how much compassion and caring I could offer her in the midst of this difficult time in her life. I was impressed with myself. With my daughter I have let go so much that she is able to move forward with all she needs to work through. She now comes to me whenever she needs my help. Letting go is not easy, but once we get there we wonder why we didn’t do it sooner.

I’m so grateful to you for the work you did with me. You helped us in ways that are profound at a time when our life was in much chaos, confusion and turmoil. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind, generous and helpful to me and my family.”

~ Suzanne