Restore Resilience




Step into community from around the world to talk about how to go through times of uncertainty and stress with ease, understanding, and community.

A dedicated place to explore solutions.

We will focus on:

  • Body centered techniques to calm your nervous system
    What to do in the moment when life triggers you. 
  • Address Any Relationship Problem at the Root with Less Talking & More Resolving
    Stop Talking in Circles: Solving the underlying problems in any relationship

  • Why boundaries are essential in times of uncertainty
    Keeping yourself IN when it feels like it feels like the world is falling apart 

Every session is a combination of:

  • understanding our intergenerational influences for how this impacts our lives today
  • experiential exercises to resolve painful patterns
  • body-level processing of stress & emotional release
  • tools to create ease & lightness in your life

You’ll have a connected sense of how your family history impacts your decisions today, so that moving forward your decisions are aligned with clarity for what is best for you.

You will feel resourced with a clear sense of the shifts you need to make to live more fully in your life.

Drop-In classes begin virtually Wednesday, Oct 5th

Wednesdays nights @ 7:30 – 9:00 pm EST

Full Series – $350 for 10 online gatherings
{available in 3 monthly payments of $120}
Send an email to to register for the full series.

Single Gathering – $55-

Use Savvy Time to find your time zone for this event:

Evenings designed to reveal hidden dynamics that express as inner images, habits, behaviors, where we feel stuck in life creating space to recognize what is guiding us unconsciously.