Sat, Feb 22nd ~ Resolve Inherited Family Patterns


Science tells us that our biography becomes our biology.
Your family lives on within you – think of it as your emotional inheritance – and these imprints continue to influence you.

The years of infancy and childhood are not lost but they act like a child’s footprint in wet cement – lifelong” Felitti

The good news about epigenetics is that you can release how you hold the past within. The beauty of the brain is that its changeable.  Neuroplasticity gives us the proof we need to know that the brain can overcome early or inherited negative epigenetic changes.


Resolve Inherited Family Patterns

This workshop supports the release of a lot of the deep material within that we can usually ignore in the busyness of our everyday.
There are times when as we release what lives inside of us, it opens up new insights, along with new solutions that come to light so that something outside of your patterned way can open up.

Experiential workshop designed to transform & lighten your life

“Thank you so incredibly much for your workshop this past weekend. I am in awe of your intuition, compassion, and guidance, and was so honoured to be part of the beautiful group that you brought together. The work you are doing is a gift to the world.” Sara


Date: Sat, Feb 22nd
Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Cost: $197
Bring a Friend & Save $50-
Location: Aylmer. Address e-mailed to you at the time of registration
Free Parking – Space is Limited

“Simply one of the most powerful ways to clear blockages in your life. The pain and frustration you experience in your relationships, finances, body, career, anywhere in your life, are traced back to family wounds. These patterns of dysfunction are illuminated (even the parts of the story you don’t know!) so they can be deeply shifted helping you to rewrite the story of your experience.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WORK TO ALL OF MY CLIENTS WHO REALLY WANT CHANGE.”




What is hidden in one generation … is carried by the body to the next one.”  Francoise Dalto