The Family Connection: A Virtual Community for Women


Your confidential space for support, powerful experiential exercises that provide resolution and community.

The variety of topics we will explore:
    • Mastering the ability to love and trust yourself
    • Becoming aware of and releasing the stress that runs in the background of life
    • Uncovering family patterns that influence all aspects of your life and well being
    • Initiating clarity to make decisions that align with what you truly want in your life
    • Receiving the love you desire and deserve, starting with yourself and including those you share your life with

Ready to Join Us ?  Here are the details:

Engage in 3 months of support for the cost of a single private session: $97/month
Save when you commit to 6 months. Pay for 5 months & receive your 6th month free.

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Empowering Families to Thrive
Imagine, each month, devoting 2 hours to YOU as a practice, each month time designed to transform & lighten your life.
The partners we choose; the careers we find ourselves in. The habits we find most difficult to break. From how we parent, to how we prioritize self care, right down to our fears and phobias… all of these can be sourced from our family of origin. Yes, even if we were adopted. Or if your parents worked so much, you were raised by a nanny.
YOU are much more than your own choices, thoughts and automatic reactions. Biologically, chromosomally, your are half of your mom and half of your dad and this dynamic combination influences you more than you may realize.

“I really got a lot out of participating in The Family Connection, online community. It helps to fill a gap that I’ve always be aware of in my own therapy – Connecting with others and hearing their experience while sharing my own is really uplifting and is a great reminder that we are no all alone on our own journeys.”

– Elaine

Simply one of the most powerful ways to clear blockages in your life. The pain and frustration you experience in your relationships, finances, body, career, anywhere in your life, are traced back to family wounds. These patterns of dysfunction are illuminated (even the parts of the story you don’t know!) so they can be deeply shifted helping you to rewrite the story of your experience.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WORK to all of my clients who really want change.”