The Family Imprint Institute Training – Begins Jan 17th


What could change in the satisfaction of your client care if you could generate lasting transformation in a client’s life in a much shorter time?

You can create the impact you’ve always imagined you could have with your work. Just one of the focus areas of the training is the Core Language Approach – it’s exactly how I’ve been getting rapid, lasting results with my clients.  

Instead of wondering what to do with those challenging cases, you will discover exactly why my clients are telling me:  “I’ve been struggling with this for years. We’ve accomplished more in this session than the work I’ve done with others over the past 10 years”

During this time I will provide a powerful way for you to see where the root of the challenge lives, and then support you in resolving it, for yourself and for your clients. From here, your life opens up. Working from the inside out, this approach gets directly to the root of the challenge, so that it – and you – can truly be transformed.

  • Solve Your Clients Most Pressing Problems {even when they don’t know why they are stuck} 
  • Each client brings a lifetime of experiences ~ What you need to work with first
  • The language of fear and how it shapes our life
  • How to build a 3-generation genogram to provide long term resolution
  • Discover how to take the words your clients use to describe their problem as a guide towards the big-picture solution
  • Use your client’s challenges as clues for the resolution
  • How your earliest experiences shape your life
  • Explore 4 ways that your life force is diminished
  • Uncover one of the most overlooked dynamics in coaching or therapy approaches that will enhance your client's results
  • Explore the latest epigenetic research and how it affects wellbeing
  • Establish the essential dynamics that underlie a client’s main issue
  • Learn how to resource clients through body-awareness, body- sensation and breathing techniques
  • Identify what is not being revealed overtly to release what has remained unexpressed
  • Build your confidence with working one – one with your clients, skills for working online

Structure of the Training

10 live, interactive classes with handouts, related articles and videos to enhance your learning.
Engage in experiential processes and access what I’ve found to be the most powerful method to generate change personally and professionally.

Gathering once a week for 10 weeks for 2 hrs each class. We will use Zoom as our online platform to connect.

Begins on Tues, Jan 17th and finishes on March 21st. Runs for 10 weeks on Tuesdays 11 am - 1:00 {EST}

The Family Imprint Training was small enough to ask plenty of questions and large enough to hear from many different people from all over the world.  I loved this.  But I think the thing I love most is Johanna’s brilliance, clarity and compassion.  She has the uncanny ability to see to the heart of the matter almost immediately yet never rushes or intrudes.  She is a master at holding space and supporting students and clients alike in connecting to their strengths and organic resilience.  Something we all really need right now.

Johanna is so talented a teacher and facilitator that I joined her in mentoring sessions after completing the training.  These were also AMAZING!  As a brand new constellation practitioner, I frankly felt stumped at the very complex cases I encountered.  Again, Johanna help me untangle and create constellations to support my clients in resolving issues.  My new clients and I both benefited from Johanna’s genius.  And now I’m launched!  I started teaching my own constellation class this week and am enjoying referrals and new clients from those I’ve served.  Thank you very much Johanna!