Beyond Therapy: Support for Uncertain Times



Beyond Therapy
Support for Uncertain Times

Many of us are sensing that there is something more we can do to make aligned choices for personal peace and empowerment through these accentuated times of rapid change and uncertainty.

Many of us are simply overwhelmed and need to carve out time to process where to go from here. For some of us, exploring what this time of prolonged uncertainty has taught you about yourself - the good, the bad and some of the aspects that are hard to acknowledge.


Some of the topics we'll explore together:

  • Why boundaries are essential in times of uncertainty.
    Keeping yourself IN when it feels like the world is falling apart
  • Body-centered techniques to calm your nervous system
    What to do in the moment when life triggers you
  • Cultivate greater trust within yourself so that you can make decisions with clarity that align with what you truly want more of in life
  • Experiential exercises to resolve painful patterns

Have you considered the cost of always having to pretend things are ‘fine’ and you’re ‘all good’ when in truth you’ve been walking around silently suffering?  This will be an inclusive and safe environment where you are heard and acknowledged. 

Your life challenges, your questions guide the group each week. 

Each session is designed into 3 parts – teaching, experiential & getting personal with any questions that arise so you come away from this experience getting exactly what you need to support yourself in moving forward.

Its All Related ....How Family History Impacts Today
We will explore topics like setting healthy boundaries and resolving complications in our most important relationships.


Beyond Therapy: Support for Uncertain Times
Offers you 3 months of support to resolve the toll that unresolved stress takes on you
Invest in yourself - twice a month, devoting 2hrs to YOU as a practice, designed to transform & lighten your life.

Thursdays @ 7pm EST

Sept 16th & 29th

Oct 13th & 27th

Nov 10th & 24th

Dedicate time to creating deep shifts and life-changing results in your life
Engage in 3 months of support for $175/month

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