Where to Draw the Line: Setting Healthy Boundaries Every Day


Boundaries Protect What Matters Most

Do you feel easily overwhelmed?
So you end up just doing what you need to do to side step conflict or what feels uncomfortable.

Do you find it difficult to say no?
Filled with feelings of guilt, so it’s just easier to say yes?
Do you say yes and then make an excuse to back out at the last minute?

How often do your thoughts circulate about what other people think?
Then these repetitive thoughts keep you from make clear decisions about what is best for you.

Your ability to draw boundaries is heavily influenced by what you saw and experienced in your family of origin.

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Created for the busy person in mind, with a watch time of just over an hour, separated into 4 videos.

“I just finished the tiny course with Johanna and it was beyond my expectations. The information I learned about myself is life changing and I am grateful for this course, I learned so much from it. This is the deep work I needed to create healthy boundaries.”

In this Tiny Course we will explore:

  • How the experiences in your family affect your boundary style

  • Setting healthy boundaries with your kids, in your relationship and your family

  • Identify where you lose yourself with those important people in your life and how to remain rooted within yourself

  • Repair boundaries that haven been neglected within yourself

  • How to discern when the body tells us we’ve gone over our own boundary and what to do to compassionately attune to our needs

Life is just so much easier when you have boundaries…and it’s up to you to create them in the way that feels good to you. I promise you it is possible, and learning how to establish healthy boundaries is the best way to feel empowered in all areas of your life.

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