Separation Recovery Group




Release the Lingering Pain of Separation
starting over free from painful patterns 

We will meet together online once a week for 90 minutes over 6 weeks.

Each session is designed into 3 parts – teaching, experiential & getting personal with any questions that arise so you come away from this experience getting exactly what you need to support yourself in moving forward.

Together we will co-create your Separation or Divorce Recovery Plan

  • How to care for yourself during and after divorce
  • Experiential exercises and action steps for healing by owning your part
  • Getting on the same team with your Co-parent
    Dealing with a difficult co-parent
  • Taking care of children during divorce
    Support for handling those painful conversations with your children
  • Looking for love after divorce, after a painful break-up

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Consider just a few of the Benefits of this Group

  • Ability to learn from other couples
  • Less pressure than 1-1 therapy sessions
  • Experiential so you don’t just leave with written notes that gather dust on your bookshelf
  • Understand WHY you need what you do within your loving connections
  • 6 wks of support for the investment of less than 2 private sessions
  • Groups are a maximum of 10 people, so there will be individual attention and you won’t be able to get lost in the group.
  • Sessions will be audio recorded in case you miss one.Dynamic Experience: this is not a tune into class, listen & take notes kind of process.  Dedicating time to experiential exercises to address what each individual needs from our time together.

    Support at Home: in between our weekly group experience, take-home exercises to create clarity and inner peace.


What if I can’t get my spouse or my co-parent to participate?

This is a common question.
Often one side of the relationship is committed to making a change before the other may be quite ready.  What I have observed over my years in supporting couples is that it only takes 1 person in the relationship to create a significant change.  Think about it like a game of tug of war with a rope, what if you just set down your rope?

Amazing things begin to happen as we shift our attention to what we need for us – taking our attention off of what they need to do, a fresh, new dynamic can open in the relationship.