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A dedicated weekend to release of the underlying messages that live in your DNA.

Similar to how a computer has programs running in the background but works smoothly on the surface, you also have stories or patterns informing your behaviour which you can usually ignore in the busyness of everyday life.

These retreats are designed to reframe energetic patterns and reshape your inner story so that you can receive more of what you’d like in your life.

“Getting away for a few days, like an escape from the fast pace of my life set the stage for the deep healing that occurred during the retreat.
I got some breathing space from my relationship that feels overwhelming most days because of some underlying pain I have carried with me since childhood.

At the retreat with Johanna, we could explore how I really lashing out in my relationship and get angry very easily when feeling rejected by my partner. Johanna helped me to have different reactions when faced with this rejection and pain.

When I got home from the retreat I couldn’t believe the change I felt.  The next time I got into a disagreement with my partner and he rejected me or lashed out, I didn’t feel the same in my body in any way. My body did not feel like reacting with anger at all. Instead I could see the situation so clearly for what it was…whether he was feeling insecure or rejected and was reacting on it. The arguments stopped escalating and the volatility literally ended overnight.

I felt so at peace and we were able to have productive conversations about what the real issue was.

Johanna’s work is phenomenal. I was so skeptical that one experience could change anything but it truly did and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

~ Annia

“The optimization of human potential is served by family constellation work, particularly when the work is masterfully facilitated by Johanna Lynn. She stays focused on the energy in the room until its most relevant truths are revealed. The results are transformative.”

~ Candace

Johanna’s retreats reveal hidden dynamics that live in us as inner images, habits and behaviours, where we feel stuck in life creating space to recognize what is guiding us unconsciously.

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