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We can work together wherever it is you call home.


“With my scientific background I was very skeptical with my first session as a professional treatment method for the challenges I was facing. However, Johanna proved that it is effective from our very first session together. Her meticulous attention and efforts to gather every small piece of information I provided before the session, and then using the essential information during the session in a professional, insightful manner produced results that I felt from the first and every subsequent session. Whether you are skeptical or not – the important thing is the results! From my experience, I can speak to the positive results Johanna’s work provides.”

~ Ihsan Aldeen PhD


“Johanna, I thank you SO MUCH!!! As I am writing this,  I shed tears of gratitude. My relationship with Paul is completely transformed and we are both happy together again.  Where there was power struggle, there is now teamwork and cooperation; where there was blame and resentment, there is now respect. Before, I made plans not to be home alone with Paul, now I want to be with him.  Finally, I feel I have the relationship I so longed for! THANK YOU!”

~ Sylvie

Frequently Asked Questions and Session Information:


Using Zoom or Phone as our tool to connect – we can create a ‘virtual clinic’ with our online connection allowing us to experience a session just as we would in my office.


Our time together is a dedicated 90 minute session that offers deep transformation in your life.


I can offer extended health receipts. You can claim our sessions as naturopathic services.


Please Note: 48hrs cancelation is required as there is a waitlist of clients looking for an earlier appointment.


Pricing: Single sessions are $300 or save with a package of 3 that brings each session down to $275 Canadian

I can hear the language of your unconscious in your complaints, struggles and life stressors.

This allows our work to go beyond the surface complaints to source the type of resolution that will last a lifetime.

“Johanna was a member of our integrative healthcare team for a number of years. We referred our patients to her when we suspected that their chronic physical and mental symptoms were related to mental or emotional trauma or stress. I cannot say enough about her integrity, her professionalism, her bedside manner and – most importantly – her ability to help our patients. She is a highly skilled practitioner who brings great sensitivity and caring to her work.”

~ Dr. Richard Nahas, Medical Director The Seekers Centre for Integrative Medicine

“I connected with you on our first session because I felt you wouldn’t be judgmental. I have a better understanding of what is deeply affecting me with only one session. Your questions are very pertinent and very helpful in discovering the root cause of issues. I really think this will help me change my life for the better and find my new light to experience more satisfaction in my life.”

~ Guylaine Ure

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