colourful eyeThe images we hold inside guide our lives.
If we have the image of feeling like we belong, we feel safe and loved ~ its as though life supports our expectations.  Alternatively, if we hold inner images of loss, regret, anger or blame, these emotions tend to become a common theme throughout life.

The work we do together supports you in creating a new intrinsic images that can help to chart a new course in life.  Once your inner image transforms, something outside of your patterned ways of being can emerge. Imagine the ability to clear core emotions, that keep those same patterns in life reoccurring.

Often when we recall our childhood, we hold images that are not healing.  We may tell others or repeatedly remind ourselves of things like:

  • my childhood was difficult
  • my dad was cruel
  • not matter what I did, I could never please my mom

Of course, you hold your own personal images – whatever they may be, these inner images lay a blueprint for how your life will unfold.  Your relationships, why you choose the partners, friends or jobs you do, how you parent, your level of self esteem, your level of energy, well being and your relationship with money. There are so many of aspects of our lives that are influenced by these early images. Discover how your inner images are shaping every aspect of your life.  The work I do everyday with clients provides one of the most powerful methods to show the underlying patterns in your life that directly affect your sense of wellbeing.  What is possible for you if healthy inner images become your new reference point as you create a life well lived?