Have you ever taken a moment to consider what is set in motion before we emerge as individuals?
In this wordless time, while we are deeply bonded in love to a collective reality in the family.

What if we took a step back for a moment from our day-to-day challenges to get a more objective view to question if we actually share in unfinished struggles that reverberate still in our family system?

Physical symptoms can offer a glimpse of what may have gone undiscovered for generations.  Typically, issues connect in a kind of metaphorical echo of what was previously unfinished.  It takes a new way of “seeing” to offer a fresh perspective.

I’ve become fascinated with family-centered recoveries or spontaneous remissions that happen when all doctor’s scans and medical testing show dire expectations.  Reports from around the world, for well over 30 years, have documented hundreds of thousands of people finding relief through Family Constellations.  In North America we are about 20 yrs behind Europe, Russia, Mexico, South America & Australia – places in the world who have been benefiting from this tool for decades.

Its like saying each individual is like a single neuron in a giant brain.  The human family is our primary collective, this collective subconscious that guides families.  As you read these words are you getting curious about the influence of this collective on your life?

What I find leads me even deeper into the understanding of how family’s are all interrelated, is that what goes unresolved in one generation is then given to the next.  Carrying the risk for one of your children or grandchildren who may face a similar challenge in some form or another.  We all say we want what’s best for our children, with that in mind … are you ready to register for the upcoming Family Constellations Workshop?