In my recent interview on the Rewild Mothering Podcast, we discuss how I draw on epigenetics to understand how our family stories are our stories – in every way our ancestors live on within us. The challenges we face and the gifts we have in life are not ours alone, they are shared across multiple generations.

We discuss what I call emotional inheritance and how we can shift how we hold that past within us. Epigenetics shows us that our ancestors are a part of our wilderness that we can remember and explore as a path towards greater wellness, shifting from one of separation to one of wholeness.

Our conversation covers:

 an introduction to epigenetics
 how our ancestor’s life experience affects our own throughout DNA
how we can shift painful patterns explore mysterious and stubborn symptoms
 the ways we are resourced by our families histories
 how our children can guide us towards what is unresolved in our family lineages
how ancestors of place, or our motherlands, are a part of our family systems too
 and how we can forge a creative belonging by taking into account our whole selves

Listen here: