The experiences of our parents, grandparents, great grandparents literally live on in our minds, bodies and lives.

The strength of family love can create unconscious alliances that direct our behaviors, life choices and the way we feel about ourselves.

“When there has been a trauma or someone in the family system has been excluded, forgotten, cast out, or suffered a difficult fate, someone of the following generations unconsciously and invariably will step in and bring the lost member’s destiny back through living it out in this lifetime effecting us in ways in which we have no understanding. It happens out of a deep but hidden loyalty that will not allow anyone of a family system being denied the right to belong. It is a love so deep that the family member may unconsciously choose to die, rather than “betray” the family bond.” ..Bert Hellinger

The emerging science of epigenetics , shows the hidden influences upon the genes that affect every aspect of our lives.
At the heart of this new field is a simple but extraordinary idea – that genes have a ‘memory’.
Something Family Constellation Facilitators have witnessed for decades is now connected to scientific evidence that the lives of ancestors affect us directly. We are more than individuals, we the sacred vessels of genetic memories, including events, difficult fates, and intergenerational traumas.

This work is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in scientific thinking. It will change the way the lives of ancestors are viewed, as well as the importance of lifestyles and family relationships. What people do no longer just affects themselves, but can determine the health of their children and grandchildren in decades to come.

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