Top 3 Tips for Creating 2020 By Design

1) Acknowledge what you are most grateful for in 2019. 
  • What went well. 
  • What you enjoyed most. 
  • Who you were happy to meet or grateful to deepen your friendship with.
  • List the highlights from 2019, wisest decision made, biggest surprise along with what you are most proud of yourself for.

Bring that appreciation into creating what you intend to design for 2020.

On my list there was more live music, creating time for reading more inspiring books, finding new hiking spots in beautiful places, and travelling with my family.

Sometimes what happened in 2019 was so good, you want to bring it along into the next year, like my morning Kundalini practice or using breath work as a tool for life’s ups & downs.

2) Do you and your spouse or business partner seem to be stuck with the same issues ?

When that same challenge cycles around again ask yourself these 4 questions:
 1) who does this person remind me of

2) where have I felt like this before

3) how is this behavioural dynamic familiar to me

4) how old do I feel when facing this challenge

Once we become aware of the real reason behind the reoccurring challenge with someone that we are close to, we are less likely to loose ourselves in the heat of the moment. With this clarity of mind, we are free from taking what is going on personally, allowing for a healthy perspective and a renewed place from where we choose to respond.

Healthy relationships with resilient boundaries are key ingredients for a happy, fulfilled life.

3) Begin thinking about your time and energy like your personal bank. We each receive $100- each day. Where are you spending your energy ?

  • How many thoughts go into what seems unresolved between you and your mom or what is left unsaid between you and your spouse?
  • How much energy leaks out around self confidence or a desire for more self acceptance?
  • How often do you say Yes when its clear that your body wants you to say No?

So many of us juggling work, family, self care and all the life entails ends up with a deficiency as we close each day. If Monday ends with us dipping into the overdraft account, Tuesday begins with a sense of feeling depleted. Take time to consider how you can you protect more of your precious time and energy to do more of what matters most to you in 2020.


Johanna facilities transformative group work, providing solutions for the emotional patterns we all inherit from our families. She is committed to resolving the painful patterns that live out from generation to generation.  Like a detective, she listens to the facts of your family history, down to the words you use to describe your challenges. These clues lead her directly to the most effective resolution for you. The intention in her work is to contribute to world peace, one family at a time.


“I don’t use this statement lightly: Johanna’s course changed my life. We talked about SO MUCH MORE than family… I saw ways I was holding myself back that I had been blind to for decades. Our work together changed my career path, it injected me with a confidence and belief in myself that I’ve never had before, it made me a believer in the work that she does. I’ve done a lot of courses, a lot of workshops, a lot of retreats… I cannot recommend hers more highly.”


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