What You Can Do If Your Client Has Been Working With You ……. for ages and still brings along the same issues

You open up your week’s calender and there it is again – the client’s name who keeps showing up with the same stuck points, the same complaints, same painful circumstances.
Sometimes the client is truly stuck in overwhelming pain or feelings of betrayal.
Sometimes they are stuck like a broken record on where they feel wronged or hurt.
And no matter how good you are or how long you’ve been doing this, sometimes you find yourself wondering what to do next to make a positive shift.
You find yourself sitting there thinking, “what is there left to try with this person?”

We have all been there. Unfortunately, more than once. When a particularly challenging case leaves you stunned by something your client says or simply doesn’t seem able to implement the changes you’ve been working towards.

Now, you probably know some things to say or do, and they might work for some clients. And you wouldn’t be successful if you didn’t already know how to implement most of what you’ve learned. But when you’re faced with some of the most challenging cases, you need to include the full picture.

When you include working with the facts of the family – who was rejected, excluded or who was the good girl to a fault – it gives you the map to the resolutions your clients have been searching for.
Giving you more choices, more powerful interventions that can make a bigger difference in a shorter amount of time.
Uncover one of the most overlooked dynamics in coaching or therapy that will transform the work you


You can create the impact you’ve always imagined you could have with your work.