We are all influenced everyday by advertisers, tv programs, friends, colleagues, social media and family.  I find the more I become curious about who has influenced me, personally and professionally, the easier it is for me to arrive at the various choice-points in my life that feel authentically ME.

If you are considering working with me I felt it would be helpful to you to learn about who has shaped my perspective on promoting healing, cultivating well being and integrating traumatic experiences.

My influences in my various areas of study are:

Milton Erickson in the fascinating world of hypnosis

Bert Helinger creator and exceptional facilitator’s of the profound, life changing work of Family Constellations

Mark Wolynn insightful, perceptive, intelligent, authentic teacher / facilitator with this unique ability to hear the Core Language to uncover the hidden dynamics for what is truly being said related to health or emotional challenges.  A workshop shared with Mark is one where inner transformation occurs.

Suzi Tucker author, publisher who teaches from this linguistically gifted place where your heart, mind and soul have the ability to feel uplifted.  A workshop shared with Suzi is one where the development in your Inner Knowing is activated.

Satyen Raja, a warrior and a sage who is dynamic, sincere teacher who raises the consciousness of all those lucky enough to share some time with him

Danielle Laporte, who inspires me everyday with her wisdom about desire, creativity, spirituality and all things divinely feminine

Byron Katie, who teaches world-wide about how to accepts all that is as if you had chosen it

Naomi Irons, who holds space for vulnerability and openness in such a healing way

Geneen Roth, sharing the vital message of unconditional self-acceptance

Myrna Martin, make the world a better place with her contributions to pre and perinatal psychology

Shannon Zaychuk, who brings transformative change into the body with Integrated Body Psychotherapy

Peter Levine, for his lifetime of research and teaching in the realm of Somatic Healing

Louise LeBrun, who taught me one of the most important life lessons of all ‘what you think of me is a reflection of your inner landscape’ along with the body of knowledge that is neuro-linguistic programming

Feel free to visit their websites by clicking on their names to learn more about their contributions.  I feel blessed to have learned from such exceptional teachers.