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Whether you are just beginning to explore your challenges or you are seasoned expert on your issues these workshops provide answers for what has been the missing link.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve supported hundreds of people, just like you, to get the love they deserve in their most essential relationships, reclaim a sense of purpose and direction in their lives and generate understanding about family history that leads directly to greater freedom in daily choices.

Everyone in the family has their part to contribute in the ongoing dynamics at play.

The best news of all is that it only takes one person to make the change that can positively affect the entire family.  This work supports the release of a lot of the deep material within that we can usually ignore in the busyness of our everyday. There are times when as we release what lives inside of us, it opens up new insights, along with new solutions that come to light so that something outside of your patterned way can open up.

What if I can't get my spouse to participate?

This is a common question. Often one side of the relationship is committed to making a change before the other may be quite ready. What I have observed over my years in supporting couples is that it only takes 1 person in the relationship to create a significant change. Think about it like a game of tug of war with a rope, what if you just set down your rope?

Amazing things begin to happen as we shift our attention to what we need for us – taking our attention off of what they need to do, a fresh, new dynamic can open in the relationship.

“Simply one of the most powerful ways to clear blockages in your life. The pain and frustration you experience in your relationships, finances, body, career, anywhere in your life, are traced back to family wounds. These patterns of dysfunction are illuminated (even the parts of the story you don’t know!) so they can be deeply shifted helping you to rewrite the story of your experience.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WORK TO ALL OF MY CLIENTS WHO REALLY WANT CHANGE.”

~ Shelley

“Thank you so incredibly much for your workshop this past weekend. I am in awe of your intuition, compassion, and guidance, and was so honoured to be part of the beautiful group that you brought together. The work you are doing is a gift to the world.”

~ Sara
“I just want to take a moment to thank you. Your workshop, Saturday afternoon was in many ways incredible, inspirational, and life changing. I could go on about the effects of your work but I will keep it short. A man of many frustrating relationships, you have given me many of the unanswered questions that I have been left with over the years, and the closure that I have never gotten. Most importantly you helped me understand my family dynamic that I have spent hours upon hours and too much energy on trying to understand. Having a better idea now, of my relationship with my mother has left me refreshed, given me a better understanding of myself, better equipped and certainly more confident entering into future relationships. Thank you.”

“Having worked with several therapist in my past, I wasn’t sure what to expect from attending a workshop with Johanna. By the end of the day, I was able to release long held patterns of thinking and ways of engaging with my life that showed up as significant changes in my day-to-day, that had not happened with previous approaches.  After the workshop, it was as if the experience continued to work within me, unraveling a deeper sense of peace and self confidence weeks after my time at the workshop. I’ve been recommending this approach to friends and clients ever since.”

~ Sandra

Family Pain Spans Generations

What are you experiencing that doesn’t belong to you ?

One of the elements that I appreciate most about this work is its innate ability to deepen a profound respect for the mystery of life and the forces that shape a family.  Discover the invisible patterns that keep the habits alive that you wish to be free of.

These workshop reveals hidden dynamics that live in us as inner images, habits and behaviours, where we feel stuck in life creating space to recognize what is guiding us unconsciously.

Source Your Freedom in these experiential workshops designed to transform life long patterns.